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8:50 am

Opening remarks from the chair

Matt Andrews

Managing Partner, Kennedys

9:00 am

Artificial Intelligence (AI): is it an evolution or revolution for claims?

The application of automation in the claims process is having a transformative impact on customer experience, process efficiency and increasing revenue. In this presentation, Nevein will share how an AI-automated customer service can help to deliver customer outcomes and drive workforce efficiency.

  • Practical examples of how AI can be used to future-proof your claims department
  • How to leverage the power of AI to improve customer experience
  • Implementation success stories and overcoming integration challenges
  • Strategies for using AI-integrated customer service and future of claims technologies
Nevein Nassef Baniamin

Head of Robotic Process Automation and Digitalisation, Allianz Partners Australia

9:40 am

PANEL: The future of claims: tech vs human

Digital transformation continues to dominate the conversation around the future of insurance and the role of claims professionals is evolving in line with this change. What role does human have in an increasingly tech-enabled claims process? How do we upskill teams to prepare for the future of claims management?

  • Which emerging technologies will have the biggest impact on the claims process and what does that mean for claims roles?
  • What opportunities do technology present to refocus efforts on strategic improvements to customer service and service development?
  • Developing the skills and experience to prepare claims teams for digital transformation
  • Bridging the gap between automation and empathy: how do you strike the right balance between tech-driven, streamlined claims processing and the personal, human touch?


Drew Schnehage

Managing Director – Australia, Innovation Group


Hilary Bates

Chief Claims and Operations Officer, Zurich Financial Services Australia

Kevin Blyth

Acting Chief Executive Officer, Allianz Partners

Probir Dutt

Automation Evangelist Group Technology, IAG

Vanessa Maher

Senior Vice President – Claims and Technology, Liberty Special Markets

10:30 am

Morning tea and networking opportunity

11:10 am

Platinum Partner session

11:40 am

CASE STUDY: How will the 4th industrial revolution change insurance

With the current buzz around RPA, AI and NLP, how will this technological advance effect the insurance industry? 

  • Insurance yesterday - running a business on incumbent systems with manual processes - if it ain’t broke why fix it?
  • Insurance today - core platforms, automation, data analytics - are customers being served any differently?
  • Insurance tomorrow - personalised insurance offering and proactive customer service - where’s the risk?
Probir Dutt

Automation Evangelist Group Technology, IAG

12:20 pm

Networking lunch

1:20 pm

CASE STUDY: Claims transformation at icare

How do you develop the strategies, processes and business environment to embrace new technology and remain competitive in the digital era? In this session, Elizabeth will discuss: 

  • How to align your claims innovation strategy with your organisational goals 
  • Effective leadership to drive digital transformation within your organisation 
  • What are the latest technologies and how do you select what is right for your business?
  • Integrating technology solutions to deliver risk mitigation outcomes
  • How to embrace and support transformation 
Elizabeth Uehling

Group Executive – Personal Injury, icare NSW

2:00 pm

CASE STUDY: Using bots to simplify insurance for customers

Bots have the potential to revolutionise the customer claims journey within the insurance sector. How can you plan, execute and overcome challenges when integrating bots into your claims process?  In this session, Jason Wilby will share:

  • How to prepare your organisation for bots to deliver processing efficiencies
  • Identifying key challenges in bot deployment and how to overcome them
  • Strategies for developing a collaborative approach between bots and humans to deliver competitive customer service
  • Measuring the results and analysing its impact on the claims function
Jason Wilby

Joint Chief Executive, Huddle Insurance

2:40 pm

Afternoon tea and networking opportunity

3:10 pm

Combatting fraudulent claims

As insurers continue to digitise processes and move toward a technologically driven sector, there are growing opportunities for new types of fraud, as well as increasingly impactful tech solutions to help manage and prevent fraudulent claims. How can the industry fight fraud in the digital age?

  • Emerging trends in fraudulent claims and how to mitigate this risk
  • Practical advice for using AI and analytics to accurately predict and prevent of fraud and better manage litigation, recovery and severity of claims
  • Integrating tech solutions into claims fraud prevention strategies
  • Steps insurers can take to combat fraud moving forward
Nigel Cade

Managing Director, The Insurance Claims Service Centre

3:40 pm

PANEL: Drawing powerful insights from data and analytics

The importance of data analytics is growing exponentially with many insurers now developing sophisticated data teams to inform claims management strategies. What are the capabilities of advanced analytics and how can you adapt to make use of them?

  • Using data analytics to provide insights into future outcomes of claims
  • Understanding customer behaviours and pricing risks using data insights
  • Developing the strategies and business models to leverage data insight and make informed decisions


Matt Andrews

Managing Partner, Kennedys


Tony Carter

Chief Underwriting Officer, SLE Worldwide

Susan Donaldson

Head of Claims, Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance

Barry Leung

Head of Strategy and Actuarial Services, Defence Health

4:30 pm

Closing remarks from chair and end of the summit

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