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8:50 am

Opening remarks from the chair

Angus Kench

Vice President – Casualty, Workers Compensation and Crisis Management Asia Pacific, Liberty Specialty Markets

8:55 am

Welcome from the Event Partner

Grant Peters

Asia-Pacific Insurance Leader, EY

9:00 am

CASE STUDY: Accelerating your digital transformation journey

Digital innovation occurs when its supported company-wide and not just spearheaded by the IT team. How do you develop the strategies, processes and business environment to embrace new technology and remain competitive in the digital era?

  • How do you align your digital strategy with your organisation’s goals?
  • Effective leadership to drive digital transformation within your organisation
  • What are the latest technologies and how do you select what is right for your business?
  • Creating business models that can embrace and support transformation
Simone Dossetor

Chief Operating Officer, Munich RE

9:40 am

PANEL: Unlocking the value of big data and analytics

The increasing sophistication of big data and analytics models are bringing big changes to the insurance industry: driving innovation, tailoring policy offerings and premiums and enabling data-enhanced insight. In this session, learn how big data and analytics is being used to transform the insurance sector

  • Best practice with data management and sharing models
  • Using data and analytics to develop deep risk insights
  • Leveraging big data to improve product offerings, pricing premiums and customer conversion and retention rates
  • Harnessing the value of analytics for continual process improvement


Angus Kench

Vice President – Casualty, Workers Compensation and Crisis Management Asia Pacific, Liberty Specialty Markets


Colin Fagen

Managing Director, Blue Zebra Insurance

Tim Johnson

Head of Insurance Operations Delivery, Suncorp Group

Peter Tilocca

Chief Underwriter, OnePath Life

Jason Wilby

Joint Chief Executive, Huddle Insurance

10:30 am

Morning tea and networking opportunity

11:10 am

Envisioning and building the Nextwave of insurance

The most serious threats – disruptive technology advancements, market positioning and new competitors – also hold the greatest potential for growth and transformation. Insurers that can differentiate their value to their customers are better prepared for the next frontier. What are the forces shaping the industry’s future?

  • Framing the next wave: 8 emerging trends and predictions
  • Technology holds the key: digitisation and automation
  • How to align your product offerings and customer experience
  • What does the future hold and embracing change in a fast moving world
Andrew Parton

Partner, FS Advisory, EY

11:40 am

CASE STUDY: The ever-evolving world of enterprise blockchain: key learnings from the Lygon platform

Blockchain has the potential to transform the insurance industry from streamlining operations, to reducing cost, delivering efficiencies, developing new revenue streams and redefining the value chain. In this session, hear from Nigel Dobson on the current status of the Lygon blockchain platform, how it’s being implemented and its potential benefits for the insurance market.

  • Assessing the potential of blockchain to transform the insurance industry value chain
  • What processes can blockchain help to automate and how can insurers leverage blockchain technology?
  • What are the risks of using blockchain technology for process improvement?
  • Addressing key barriers to blockchain adoption
  • Key learnings from Lygon Digital Guarantee blockchain application
  • What can be done to facilitate the wider implementation of blockchain?
Nigel Dobson

Banking Services Lead, ANZ

12:20 pm

Networking lunch

1:20 pm

CASE STUDY: Rise of the machines – how are artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics process automation (RPA) changing the insurance value chain?

AI and RPA technologies are improving and personalising customer experiences and pathing the way for a dramatic shift in the insurance value proposition. This session will discuss:

  • Practical examples of how to apply AI and RPA technology within insurance
  • Improving internal processes and creating operational efficiencies using AI and RPA technology
  • How are innovative insurers using AI and RPA to meet the expectations of digital customers?
  • Re-imaging the insurance value proposition considering AI technology
Tim Johnson

Head of Insurance Operations Delivery, Suncorp Group

2:00 pm

CASE STUDY: Delivering operational excellence with AI and machine learning (ML) at TAL

AI technologies have the potential to transform industry processes yet applying them in practice is complex and uncertain. This session will discuss:

  • Practical examples of how to apply machine learning and AI within life insurance
  • Improving underwriting processes using AI and ML
  • Successes and challenges from the deployment of the WunderWriter tool
  • Principles for practical success
Dan Taylor

General Manager – Member Engagement and Innovation, TAL Australia

2:40 pm

Afternoon tea and networking opportunity

3:10 pm

CASE STUDY: Personalising customer experience through digital innovation at IAG

As the insurance industry continues to adopt increasingly sophisticated digital technology, insurers are developing a more personalised, customer-centric approach to doing business. In this presentation, Ean will share strategies on how to raise the bar in digital innovation.

  • Reimagining customer experience through journey-led digital enablement
  • Best practice and practical tips for data management in digitalisation
  • Implementing a cohesive digital mindset to support better service design and delivery
  • Aligning your digital strategy to customer experience and creating value in a connected world
Ean van Vuuren

Director – Digital Accelerator, IAG

3:50 pm

PANEL: Cyber and digital risk strategies for insurers

As the insurance industry continues to accelerate into the digital future, associated digital risks are increasing. The fast-changing, far-reaching and complex nature of these risks are difficult to manage using traditional approaches and has escalated digital risk management to a C-suite priority. How can you secure your assets and manage digital risks in a rapidly changing world?

  • Building a resilient, compliant and agile cyber defense strategy
  • Best practices for improving the security of your IT infrastructure and strategies for preventing data leaks 
  • Understanding, assessing and managing risk associated with digitally disrupted insurance business models
  • What are insurtechcompanies offering to enable insurers to assess risk? 


Angus Kench

Vice President – Casualty, Workers Compensation and Crisis Management Asia Pacific, Liberty Specialty Markets


Christopher Hogarty

Chief Sustainability Officer, National Transport Insurance

Emma Cronin

Senior Underwriter Cyber Liability, Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance

Troy Filipcevic

Managing Director, Emergence Insurance (Gold – Cyber and Information Technology in Insurance Business Australia’s Brokers on Underwriting Agencies Special Report 2019 and 2018)

Volker Mayr

Chief Information Officer, Zurich Financial Services Australia

Jamie Smith

Chief Information Officer, Hollard Insurance

4:30 pm

Closing remarks from chair and end of conference

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